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Our motive

Palm oil is the most widely produced vegetable oil in the world, and an important economic crop for many developing nations. However, the impact on rainforests, wildlife and local communities is high. Palm oil substitution is not a solution, as this would increase demand for other, less efficient, edible oils which require even more land to be converted to agriculture and have even greater environmental impacts. We advocate sustainable palm oil production and consumption to harness positive impact on poverty alleviation, preservation of biodiversity, socio-economic development and labour rights.

Our outreach

We bring together businesses from across the entire palm oil supply chain with NGOs. Sustainable palm oil will help incentivize companies and smallholder palm oil producers in Asia, Africa and Latin America to implement responsible production practices and halt deforestation connected to palm oil.

Our ambition

Involving food industry and retail, palm oil producers, civil society and government, we have the ambition to create a global move towards 100% sustainable palm oil. Each of the partners in this collaborative multi-stakeholder movement has a role to play; showcasing their commitments, sharing relevant tools, building on each other’s actions and thereby acting as a catalyst to make sustainable palm oil the norm.

Our goal

Our goal is to contribute to an informed debate, leading consumers and companies to opt for sustainable palm oil rather than to seek alternatives. We:

  • provide a space for producers, public authorities, the food industry and retail to retrieve factual information;

  • share good practices, disseminate key learnings and assess the progress made towards achieving the goal of 100% sustainable palm oil;

  • indicate the remaining challenges or key learnings.

Our founding members

We believe that businesses, NGOs, governments and individuals working together is the only way to truly transform the palm oil supply chain. The founding members who signed up to this pact with the aim of transforming the palm oil market are:


Our hashtag

We believe in de power of inspirational and positive messaging. To create a move towards 100% sustainable palm oil, we use the hashtag #acttoo on social media, demonstrating the positive and factual stories around sustainable palm oil and challenge others to #acttoo.